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Hi, forgive me; I'm not sure if this question is better suited in the Off topic section, due to the Javascript menu, or if it's better in the CMS section since it also deals with Wordpress, so I've posted this in both places for now.

In any case: I have an HTML website that I created using a Javascript menu that I built with a menu builder (I didn't write the code myself, I'm not a true programmer). The menu works fine on the HTML side. Now the client wants a CMS form for part of their site, so I'm trying to use Wordpress and get the Wordpress header to match the HTML header. I've been able to get it to match successfully, except that on the Wordpress page, the Javascript menu images show an extra 2px of space below each one.

I've try to inspect it and figure out the problem using Firebug, trying all sorts of CSS styling to my Wordpress child theme (I'm using a child theme of Twenty Twelve) to overcome this, with no luck so far. I realize that it's most likely an issue in the Javascript files conflicting with WP, but I don't know enough about either to know how to where to look.

Can anyone help?? It would be much appreciated!!

The offending WP page in question:
An example HTML page where the menu doesn't have the extra space, for comparison:

If there is some more information/code you need to me to provide, please let me know!