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For our non-US members, today, the fourth Thursday in November, is Thanksgiving Day. It marks the beginning of a four day weekend. I mention this so everyone will understand that answers may be slowed as many of those who post from work won't be there. We will be recovering from way too much food and a little too much football on TV (the real manly man kind, not the kickball version of keep-away that is only slightly more exciting than watching grass grow*).

A happy Turkey day to us, and for the rest of the world, stop a moment and consider all that's good in your life.



* this does not include Oz rules or Rugby; those definitely take leather balls. Smile

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A happy thanksgiving to all

A happy thanksgiving to all our American cousins, enjoy the break!

Now Gary I guess you are not talking about real football? but that odd stilted version of Rugby that was clearly found to be a bit rough for the delicate statesiders who took to wearing body armour to avoid any manly pain or bruised bones.

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