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Hey everyone, love this forum. All my questions get answered and I am learning more from post/answers here than 1000 books.

Anyways, quick question go to my test site : http://www.mmtest1.byethost22.com

Use Firebug or Web Developer and active the view CSS info.

You will see that my nav bar is within a div called ul id="navlist" and it is references in CSS as ul#navlist

I made it float to the right. Now if you can see the facebook and twitter images on the right. What I want to do is to put them
next to each other on the same horizontal plane as the nav bar and have them float to the left so that they are under the
left side of the black top banner.

So how would you position this.

Would a put another div around the nav div

and then create a div for the fb/twitter images and put that into the div from above, where the navlist div will be in also and then simply float to the left?



Ed Seedhouse
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First, get your html

First, get your html validated. Then ask again if that does not fix your problem. Likely it won't, but validate first, ask later.

Ed Seedhouse

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