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i'm trying to get a row cut into three segments following the below premises:

* First segment must have a max-height and always stay on top (min-height:0; max-height:40%). Minimum height can be 0. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit max-height.

* Third segment must be placed on bottom (no fixed height). Height must be inherited from its content.

* Second segment must expand 100% of the remaining height. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit remaining height.

I've tried with the following code https://gist.github.com/anonymous/24809e7b981f4ca7e6fb but the problem i'm experiencing is the middle/second segment expands to bottom overlapping the third segment.

Does anyone know how should i proceed? Thx in advanced!.

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This could be a couple of

This could be a couple of reasons.
Could you maybe show us your complete code online (so we can debug your website and find a solution) if your website is not online, could you paste the codes inside JSfiddle.net and save it.

Then send us a link so we can debug this.

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