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I'm redesigning the website www.chi.dk and has become interested in the possibilities in a single page web design. My attention has been caught by Project Sevens Luna, whose example has five pages.

Now, single page websites are best suited for projects with relative few pages, but this design idea functions so good, that I nevertheless consider to use Luna - for a website with approx. 60 pages.

In this case it would be necesarry to put in a different navigation system that Luna's present - and the question is: is it possible to twist Luna with CSS/HTML5 so that the pages doesn't roll but fades in/out during navigation?

If anybody could comment on this I'd be very grateful, as I only has basic CSS/HTML experience, and have not yet started to get acquainted with HTML5.

Thank you kindly.

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goood luck

goood luck

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Don't just look at the effects...

Actually read the content on the Luna site you linked to. It says right there in the content why a single page design would be inappropriate for a site with 50-60 pages.

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