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I am using an asp:RadioButtonList.
I can easily change the format of the entire list with these statements but to look at the value or the text in the

I can’t seem to figure out how to use DataTextField or the DataValueField.
The data text field is the field where I show my description of the link so I thought I would precede any description with a ~ and use that to turn it bold
For example the label might be “Printers” but to make it bold I would call it “~Printers~”
Or I could possible use the Data Value Field which I am currently entering the index
For example “1” I could possibly change it to “~”.

I attached a screen shot of the actual page. I want the labels with a ~ to be bold and to Hide the radio button circle as well for those header fields.

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Can you insert the labels

Can you insert the labels into span tag with a title

<input type="radio"...><span title="~Lanes">~Lanes</span>

If it's possible, you can use CSS wih this selector :

span[title*='~'] {font-weight:bold;}