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I currently have 2 domain names. www.xclo.co.uk is my site hosted by wordpress (found here www.xclo.co.uk/dir) and also www.xclo.mobi obviously for my mobile site.

now my .mobi site is pointed to .co.uk/mobile which has seperate layour and look to the .co.uk site.

What I was wondering is: is it possible to add the .mobi version to my dashboard and affectively run both .co.uk and .mobi on the one wordpress? As the content on .mobi will be different to that of .co.uk I feel as though this is the best option.

please can someone point me in the right direction as to how to do this?

thank you. Wink

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@kevstar this is a WP

@kevstar this is a WP question you should be asking this in the appropriate forum, we are not that! Smile ask on the WP support forums please and/or check through the WP codex as it has extensive docs and guides.

What you may need to be looking into however is WP MultiSite, again though WP codex is the place to read up on using MS and how to enable your WP installation to run in this form.

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