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Hey everyone, I would like your feedback plz!

I'm building a Letter of Req. page for my professional site and I've got 2 variations.
I'm kind of torn on what direction to go with the treatment of the page:

A) When with a paper background and font-embed to go with a hand written look:
My take: I think option A is a bit more creative looking.


B ) Clean style simple minimalist treatment
My take: A bit more congruent with this treatment with the rest of the site.

Thanks for the help!


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Absolutely go with the second

Absolutely go with the second one! But please make the text darker, do not make your visitors strain to read your good stuff!

However...I would also wish the text to be a little larger. People know how to scroll!! I am fed up seeing body font sizes set to 12px (equivalent to 9pt) or 62.5% which is equivalent to 7.5pt.

Px is NOT equivalent to pt.
See http://sureshjain.wordpress.com/2007/07/06/53/ for clarification
/rant Wink

Also darken the text on testimonials and use the same layout on Pest Control as you have for Pomegranate - in other words, ditch the header and fancy text.

Just 2c worth Smile but it's an elegant and professional looking site, congratulations Smile

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