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Good Afternoon all,

So after a long time of working on it, my team and I have finally launched our new company web site and I would love to hear your opinions! It should be pretty good I hope, I'm quite proud of it at least. In particular, have a look at the responsive design nature of the blog!

Any opinions and/or comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to have a look. Many of you have known me for a long time and to this day, I attribute this site largely to my love of frontend web development!

Our site: Cergis Software Ltd.


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Personally I would have made

Personally I would have made the main layout responsive or at least adaptive at breakpoints. The Nevo slider is responsive. Nice design though.

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hey.. I like your website..

hey.. I like your website.. It's well designed too.. It reflects a hard work of you and your working team... Now you should have an SEO to famous it and get traffic on your hard work ..

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