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Hey Everyone,

I haven't been on CSS Creator for a while but my career path is taking me back in to front end development which is exciting! - any thought i'd pop back and see what been happening and 'freshen up' my css knowledge as it were.

Just noticed that a lot of new user accounts have popped up all asking questions with links in that are unrelated and spammy. Is there anything being done about these? can we report them to a moderator? what is the registration process doing to weed out this sort of spam?

cheers, Luke.

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We don't have a notification system, but we generally catch spammers pretty quickly. They're constantly changing methods; for example, making a series of fluff posts so that their post count gets high enough to rate a sig line. That sig line is the spam link.

We, the mods, each 'disappear' a bunch of topics and posts each day for spamming, and we close the spammers accounts. If we've missed some for a day or three, feel free to PM one of the mods with the topic link.



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