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Been at this for hours.

I've been using this excellent UI toolkit: and so far it's been great.

The problem is styling my results between Chrome and Firefox I set the padding and I achieve this result in Chrome: As you can see the text is nicely aligned with the start of the input field.

But in Firefox I get this:

I've only just started really so it's frustrating to run into such intractabilities early on!

The HTML markup for the result bit is:

<div class="results-sec`enter code here`tion">
<div id="results-container" class="uk-container uk-container-center uk-width-1-2">
    <div class="result">
        <a class="result_title" href="#">Bhutan travel advice</a>
        <div class="result-url"></div>
        <p class="result-summary">Latest travel advice for Bhutan including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health.</p>

And the CSS I'm applying to it:

#results-container {
      margin-top: 9px;
      margin-bottom: 6px;
      padding-left: 40px;
      padding-right: 160px;

I've tried inserting tons of snippets from around SO et al but nothing seems to work. Tried a seemingly infinite variation of CSS resets too, but the UI kit using integrates normalise.css anyway.

It's annoying because it seems like such a trivial amount of HTML/CSS.

I'm guessing it's something to do with moz/webkit CSS properties but I wouldn't know where to begin to rectify this issue.

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