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Im very new to CSS and have picked up a template online and would like to make some modifications to fit my requirements.

The template i have is found at https://html5up.net/future-imperfect

So i would like to have the inner page (if you click one of the links on the above link to see the page im referring to) to have 5 titles with 5 images. So I added bootstrap and entered the below code

The problem i have is with a long title i have a larger gap between the images (the above code is in a repeater) and i would like it to drop to 1 image if reduced to mobile size - could anyone assist in getting this working?

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Are you sure?

The attached screenshot is what the visually impaired or someone who has disabled javascript for security or battery life will "see" when opening the vendor's site. It does not bode well for folks using their template.

I haven't parsed the js, nor have I played with their template.

Can you post a link to your work? Your image was not found.


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If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.