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My name is Bruno Alves.
I'm here because I'm facing some challenges on my online store while using the squarespace platform.

Basically I need to create a popup form asking customers for their ZIP Code or area where they live and depending on what they answer the website will adjust some of the products.

To be more specific I sell homemade snacks, some of them are dry, so they can be sent everywhere in my country with no problem and some of them are fresh, like almond milk or hummus, so they cannot be sent with a carrier that is not prepared to deal with such a "fragile" product. So what I want to do is every time a customer enters their ZIP code, the website will adjust accordingly. If its ok to send all the products then all of them will show up, if not then only some will.

Do you find this super hard to do?
I really appreciate your time reading this post and any help will be amazing.
Thank you in advance.