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Need our company site to be compatible on all browsers including but not limited to:
-Mozilla Firefox (works well)
-Google Chrome
-Internet Explorer

Website address:

Can anyone help or explain?

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You need to refine your

You need to refine your question a little.
To answer what you have asked.
Yes anyone can help.

I'm pretty sure no one wants to open the site in every browser they have just to try and discover an issue.
So tell us what is wrong and in which browsers so we don't waste time.

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Spam in sheeps clothing? Your

Spam in sheeps clothing?

Your site sells your services as a professional web site development and design company, thus given the nature of your question above no you will find few people willing to help with something that is your business to provide to your clients including your own site if you honestly do not know how to ensure sites render cross browser then you perhaps need to employ a frontend coder skilled in CSS/HTML that can do this.

Removing link href as this, on reflection, is clearly spam.

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