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This is a point-of-view about the popular debate.

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When you really break it down, yes, content may be the king of your site, but without the other items falling in place, the king looks horrible.

So? He's the king. He can walk around the castle in his undies and have you thrown to the gators if you comment on it.


So, lets say that your content is the king of the jungle, what would the king of the jungle need in order to look and feel ferocious? Maybe the loud roar, huge teeth and mein? If we were comparing that to the content being the king of the jungle, the mein and loud roar would definitely be the design, right? It's just another perfect example of how content cannot be king without support from the design of the site.

I think he meant "mane", but anyway... so a Lion cannot be King of the Jungle unless he looks badass? Seriously, it's got to be that he IS king because he eats everyone.

Actually, if he looked like some sweet puddy tat he'd get to eat even MOAR. So his design is totally bad, it's making food run away from him.


Your design should be treated like all of the pieces on the chess board because they are the pieces you're using the most and the ones that make the most impact during the game.

Actually, I'd say WINNING makes the most impact of the game. Or losing. Lawlz.

"About the Author" wrote:

I have an addiction to Mountain Dew, my blackberry and rss feeds. I am an insomniac.

Dismiss all my comments, this last part explained everything to me : )

Design should be like writing bad fan fiction. Make it please you the author, and to hell with everyone else. If they don't like it they can go back to Craig's list or havenworks or whatever.
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My comment over there is the

My comment over there is the one that begins


First, a nit to pick: Did you mean to say "mien" (comportment), as in "the king had a dignified mien", or "mane" (coarse neck hair), as in "the King of the jungle is known by his mane"?

Odd, last night, my comment was the last (at the top). The number doubled overnight/this morning.



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