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My site is

I’ve been working on a JavaScript that controls a series of CSS files that will modify your page design based on the width of the browser window. Yes, I know this sounds like media queries, but media queries only works on about half the existing browsers (IE didn’t support it until 9.Innocent and media queries does not have a decent default for browsers that do not support the technology.

I just added the beginnings of my alternate navigation at the top of narrow pages and the variable image sizing only works on Firefox ( I was looking at individual characters in a string as cName[3] instead of cName.charAt(3). I’ll fix that this weekend. The sub-navigation for the top navigation is only written for the My SSI section of the website, but you will get the idea. The example of Variable Image Sizing is on the readability page, like I said, it only works on Firefox so far, should be fixed soon.

My SSI is written in visual studio C++ as a console application.

When you look at the site, don’t judge it on the actual style of the site, or the graphics. Judge it on the way it changes design as you change the size of your browser window.

Thanks in advance for the reviews and critiques. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. If anyone is interested in playing around with the script or My SSI program, let me know and I’ll send you a pre-release. PS: this is not a commercial advertisement, I’m planning to make it all shareware, no charge, just ask for a donation if you use it on a commercial site!