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I want to make a layout that looks like the contact cards in Apple's Address Book app on the Mac.

Is it ok to use a good old table for this?
Can I also include the name and the links in the table or should they be left out of the table like I have in the example below?

<h2>Aaaa Aaaaaaa</h2>
	<li><a href="#">Message</a></li>
	<li><a href="#">Call</a></li>
	<li><a href="#">Email</a></li>
		<td>987 65 432</td>
		<td>Street 7<br>12345 City<br>Country</td>

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Table or dl

A table would be fine. However, the way you've structured your example is incorrect. You appear to be basing your structure on how you want the entry to appear.

A table is a structure for tabular data. Each row in a table belongs to the same record, with each cell being a field entry for that record. Every cell in a column belongs to the same field, e.g. email address.

Better, I think, would be the the dl element. You will have more freedom in its structure and freedom to vary its appearance.


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