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I have not gotten into heavy cross browser testing. I would appreciate any feedback anyone might provide in the following areas prior to getting further into it.


1. Are there any areas that could be stronger in terms of the code.
2. Do you see any problems? If so. What browser?
3. Are there any incorrect implementations of media queries?
4. Do you think the layout works?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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Small adjustments

Hey there,

the website looks okay on firefox, but there are some small adjustments I would make if it would be my website.

  1. The facebook, twitter, blender, printerest and stumble upon buttons aren't working, if your not using them I would delete them, or atleast delete the buttons you are not going to use.
  2. I would make your logo image (the big blue block with the text Brantley Nutrition) an URL to your homepage. Then you can delete your Home button from your menu.

Hope this helps.

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