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Hello from Melbourne Australia
Will pay $ if someone can help or do this for me.
I have a horizontal 1 page site with 8 sections all requiring a full background image that needs to re-size proportionally with the browser.

Please look at: [http://www.dancephotography.net.au/test1.htm]

This is an unfinished design that will become a template for other pages.
have tried CSS trick website supersized etc.

Grateful to anyone who can help.
Belinda X

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Hi billystrodder, I deleted

Hi billystrodder,
I deleted the other post as it was pretty much a duplicate of this.
If no one has answered then it may be that either you didn't provide the right/enough information or we just don't know how to help.
Try adding more information on what you tried and what the result of those attempts were.

I'd probably try using an img tag instead of background and having the image width and height set to 100% of the container.
You will need to adjust the z-index for this to work.