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Dear All

I have made a 4 page website and although it is kinda in shape it does have some issues. (...about.html / products.html / contact.html)

The first being the way I have made the background(Drunk causes the site to load a little ugly, but finding a solution to having the light grey strip of the footer go all the way across the browser window did not present itself. In short I am sure there is a smarter way to do it – any pointers?

On the index page and more so on the products page my lists position is inconsistent on the browsers (conditional style used for IE7 & Cool. I have some bad habits I expect being a newbie (2 sites made) hardly never declaring position, widths, or heights (min-heights) etc.

The only validation problems appear to be the drop shadows, which I expected I guess and have then ignored.

Anyway I need some pointers if you can supply them.

Very grateful in advance