W3CLove.com, now faster and simpler

Hey all, after many months of hard work we've launched a new version of http://w3clove.com

This is an online tool that lets you validate your entire site on the W3C Validator. It scrapes your site, validates your pages, and gives you a summary report.

I hope you like it!

W3C validation for entire sites

Hi, I found this old topic about validating the HTML markup on the W3C for a whole website: http://csscreator.com/node/11210

I just wanted to announce a little tool we've released recently that allows just that, you provide a starting URL and it will scrape its internal links and validate them all (up to 100) on the W3C validator, producing a report. It also accepts XML sitemaps.

It's called W3Clove and you can find it at http://w3clove.com

I hope you find it useful.

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