W3CLove.com, now faster and simpler

Hey all, after many months of hard work we've launched a new version of http://w3clove.com

This is an online tool that lets you validate your entire site on the W3C Validator. It scrapes your site, validates your pages, and gives you a summary report.

I hope you like it!

W3C validation for entire sites

Hi, I found this old topic about validating the HTML markup on the W3C for a whole website: http://csscreator.com/node/11210

I just wanted to announce a little tool we've released recently that allows just that, you provide a starting URL and it will scrape its internal links and validate them all (up to 100) on the W3C validator, producing a report. It also accepts XML sitemaps.

It's called W3Clove and you can find it at http://w3clove.com

I hope you find it useful.

Problem Validating site


I hope you don't mind but I've been trying to get my site validated for days now I just cannot understand what the error messages mean I go to the line of code it tells me to and all looks fine its driving me nuts, i'am hoping someone here could help I hope you don't mind all this code please bear with me.........

here are the error messages.......

# Line 17, Column 1: character data is not allowed here
You have used character data somewhere it is not permitted to appear. Mistakes that can cause this error include:


Validation is the process of comparing your code against known standards. Helping you to find and fix errors that may make your site display in unexpected ways in different browsers.

Every day we come across questions on the CSS Forum that are fixed thanks to the magic of validation. An error in your stylesheet may cause the rules after to be avoided. An unclosed tag in your markup can put the page structure out of wack. A simple typo is all it takes.

The best advice that can be given to someone starting out in web development is to validate your site.

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