Black text to white

Is there a way to make all white text black? And all other text colours brighter by a certain percentage?
I cant change the HTML only the CSS.

DIV hover change sizing - showing text

Hey guys, I wanna ask you how to make some div with hover with one will change sizes and after that some text will show up becouse
text is too big for div in basic size.
Thanks for some help.

Display a text within a border

Hi guys,
i'm pleased to be here and i hope that somebody of you could solve this issue:

I'm developing a portal for students for a university assignment.
I've got an interactive navigation menu (JavaScript) and i've added a border behind it where i'd like to display a text which recalls the name of the page it is about.

The only problem is that the text gets displayed behind the border and i can't figure it out how to show it above.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

Text overflow in input box

help : the input text of the uploaded file name is exceeding the input box i tried text-overflow but it ain't working ??

How to make the text static


i try to explain it with my best English Smile

I have texts on home pahe with backgrounds... when i resize the page with my mouse manually, the backgrounds are reduced progressively, but the texts remain the same size, so they flow out from the background. How can i change the texts so that they become smaller and smaller with the page size, just like the backgrounds ?

See on this page :

Thanks in advance !

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