Parallax Item in a Squarespace Marquee template

Hi there, I manage to add a logo in my page description using this custom CSS:

But the image is overlapping the description. How can I move only the logo up or do something else to get a visual result similar to this: (Adidas original is never finished)

Here's my site:
(to access just click VISITOR and type the code it gives you)

Code for a Squarespace modification

I have used a Squarespace template to create a website. I need to modify it so that the logo on the top changes with every page. Does anyone have experience doing this?

CSS Slideshow Transitions in Squarespace

I'm new to web design, and am using a Squarespace template. On my homepage I have a slideshow, and I am trying to ease the transitions between slides by inserting some snippet of CSS code. I found this page that shows a couple options. I used this snippet:

.slide {
  -webkit-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
     -moz-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
       -o-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
          transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;

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