Custom select tag inside of navbar

Hello to everybode!
I found on internet a custom select menu, made with HTML and CSS.
The problem is that when I am using it inside a <nav> tag it is looking and behaving different than when it is alone on the webpage.
Here is the original from internet:

        <ul class="select">
                <input class="select_close" type="radio" name="awesomeness" id="awesomeness-close" value=""/>
                <span class="select_label select_label-placeholder">#</span>

Imcompatibility with IEx for float points, and 'selector' link not working properly

Hello, first post here..

So, I seem to be experiencing some difficulties. I am working on an image bar and I had the float points set and worked great in all browsers aside from...low and behold...


here is the page I am working on:

the photo holder should be about 10em/100px away from the left side of page. I checked my wrapper div, and even though it overlays, it is having issues...

Anyone got any tips to this? Also, the image bar needs to be centered wtihin the brown toned gray strip.


Other issue:

select option in css help !!!

select option background change using css


like that only (link will open firefor, chrome not i.e)

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