New CSS framework

Hey buddies,

I just created a new framework to help you building amazing websites easily, I would be glad if you could check the git repository, try to play with the framework or better yet, join me on slack and twitter, I worked hard, but this is not over!
Have a great day!




What is the best CSS grid layout for responsive design?

I am new to website design. Anyone help me to find the solution of my question ?

Importance Of Responsive Website

Having a responsive website is a crucial element that every company must understand as Google define that their algorithm give value to the sites which are mobile friendly.

make responsive slider work in both computer and smartphone

Hello guys Smile
I am making a website in Wordpress. the theme brought a slideshow function but it is important to me that this slideshow view in mobile devices (such as Blackberry) in its 100% width, it is currently being seen by 50% because the image is to wide, so it has to be fixed using CSS.

Alternatively because I have not found help so far I installed a plugin that it is perfectly working in Blackberry but in desktop the slideshow is the monitor screen is wider it goes to the extreme left of the browser window and the text to the extreme right part.

Responsive Web Design and Smartphones font size


I have recently converted my website, to responsive web design, however I can't understand how to get the font size right on Smartphones.

For example, when I open the website with my Google Nexus, I see a very small text. If I set it to 1em, which I guess would be 16px, it is really small. So now I have changed it to 1.4em with:

@media screen and (max-width: 800px) {
   body{font-size: 1.4em}

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