Opera adding extra padding to main navigation bar

I'm all good to go with a site for launch but for a strange issue in Opera (I'm currently testing with Opera 11.62 Mac). where it's adding extra padding to the anchor links in the horizontal list of the main navigation bar. This is causing the last item of the list to drop down below the others due to lack of room. Because of the mouseovers I don't want to cut the padding of each item just for the sake of Opera. I also don't want to browser sniff for Opera as I'd rather do it hack free as always for best practice.

Problem with padding-bottom: in Opera


I have a problem with padding-bottom in opera.
Here is the image how it looks.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Here is the logo CSS

.logo {
	margin-left: -1px;
        margin-bottom: -15px;
	padding-top: 0px;
        height: 167px;
        /* padding-bottom: 18px; */

Last commented line makes it nice in opera but then it looks bad in Google Chrome and FF

Issue with Opera and the positioning of HTML

I am having an issue with trying to get Opera 9.22 to position a block of HTML to the right of other HTML.

The css and HTML I've used displays perfectly with Google Chrome 8.0.552.215, IE 7 and 8, Safari 4 and Firefox 3.0.10.

Below is a link to our website and where I am having an issue is where the 'Email, Print and Get Adobe Reader' iamges and links are (just below the red banner to the right of the screen). I have also attached an extract of our HTML and the full css stylesheet.

Website Homepage

Opera Images not flowing


I'm trying to get my website to work in IE, Firefox and Opera.

The site is http://lightphotographic.com/LARP

As you can see, in IE and FF, the DIV width is obeyed and the images stay in the DIV. In Opera they're going out the DIV.

This seems to be the bit of code it's having trouble with:

<div style="width:550px; border-style:solid; border-width:5px;">
$photoset_id = "72157623720982787";
$photos = $f->photosets_getPhotos($photoset_id);
//if ($f->getErrorCode()) {
//echo "<pre>";
//echo $f->getErrorCode().":".$f->getErrorMsg(). "\n";

Please help with opera!

Hi, this is the first time I am posting on this forum and I really hope someone can help me out!
I have built my own wordpress theme and it works in IE firefox and safari, but in opera it all goes crazy Sad
You can see the problem here: http://studio.idc.ac.il

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! TIA

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