CSS inputs from external link only

How to get the CSS inputs from an external file only?
I have a new template file and the CSS is messing up the source code. I was told to make additional styling only from an external CSS file. Although I have it in the root folder and specify it in the selector process it does not stick and the styling is mixed up in the source code.
Grateful for hints,

Adding links to specific text on a specific page


I am using Wordpress (Kalium theme) and would like to add links to a specific page/section only.

The specific page is here: http://philippfis.ch/portfolio/edits-design-specification-sheet/

In the section: "Reference files", I would like to add URLs for the following texts:

Circus, Wood - Specifications
Circus, Upholstered - Specifications
Circus, Barstool - Specifications

The files I would like to link (respectively) are on my media server with the following links:


Underline in text links, but not in image links

Is there any way that this CSS code of mine will work in a way that the dotted decoration for links will only work for texts, but not in images?

#content a {
	border-bottom: 1px dotted #666;
	text-decoration: none;

Links not working

Hey guys ,

I have a page index.html with 5 section one of them being contact , so the html is something like this :

<section id="contact">

now the above code is on my index.html .

now when i move to another page eg. backpage.html . on that page i have a link called contact us ,

i'd like that link to point back to the contact section in index.html ,

so i have the following code :

<a href="index.html/#contact">contact us</a>

, now that does't work ,

any suggestions.

links to missing pages

Does anyone know how to write code (CSS hopefully) so that links to pages that don't exist show up red (a la Wikipedia)? I know how to do <span>s but I want my stylesheet to cover the issue for all of my pages.

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