Clicking Hidden Radio Button

Trying to click a hidden radio button, but it's making the image go all wonky. How to fix? Everything seems normal until you click. Then the image remains wonky even after you move the mouse pointer away.

  • The img-clip div constrains the size of the image.
  • The radio-button click area is meant to fill the img-clip region.
  • On hover, the img-clip scales up a little bit, and the image with it.


    <span class="team-member">
      <div class="img-clip">
        <label class="spotlight"
          >Option 1

Any clues how to strip the WP default media player of all controls, autoplay and loop?

Hey how can I strip the WP media player of all controls, autoplay and loop?
I have the WP video player embedded in my Showit site using an iFrame.
Link to the page:

I can add custom CSS to my Showit site and HTML.


How does my site look?

I have recently created a website,
I was wondering if people here could take the time to check it out and give feedback,



What will i have to learn to make a website like this ?

Guys Please do go through the above website ,what would i have to learn to create a website like this , i have a project soon that will be similar to this one , though there would be other senior developers , i would really like to contribute more . Please notice on this website that when u click on objects like the balloon or the moving plane , it takes u to a different page and there is a zoom effect .

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