CSS styling on wordpress

Hi guys hoping someone can help. My site title CSS stylings stop working when i logout of wordpress. I've tried clearing the cache already, and if you inspect the source, it is ignoring the first font of the font family and going to the second or third (Black ops 1, comic sans, cursive). Any ideas what's up? I use WP rocket and Cloudflare if it helps. Cleanscamerasupport.com

Problem with apple mobile and ipad devices?

Hi Guys,

I've got an odd one for you, my site is displaying perfectly on everything except apple mobiles and ipads - there is some odd code that seems to be setting some kind of background over the top of some text.

I can't seem to locate the code

Can anyone help please?

Text issue
Website Link

Custom select tag inside of navbar

Hello to everybode!
I found on internet a custom select menu, made with HTML and CSS.
The problem is that when I am using it inside a <nav> tag it is looking and behaving different than when it is alone on the webpage.
Here is the original from internet:

        <ul class="select">
                <input class="select_close" type="radio" name="awesomeness" id="awesomeness-close" value=""/>
                <span class="select_label select_label-placeholder">#</span>

footer div does not setting at the bottom of the page

Hi there,

Guys, I am trying to set the <div id="ftr"> at the bottom of the page on the website meaningus.com. It should not move up in any browser. I had tried setting position: absolute; bottom: 0; width: 100% but if the upper div has smaller height <div id="ftr"> moves upward and stuck in the middle of window.

It may look good in your window currently, but if you see it in a tall window, it would not stay at the bottom.

I am tired of fixing it, but no luck. Please guys, help!

Format Issue re Visitor Inputs

Hi Everybody,

I have an issue but I can not figure out what the "name" to attach to a CSS action.

I have an eMail kind of form, with just three inputs:
a "textarea" for comments
input type="text" for the visitors' name
input type="email" for the vistors' eMail address
They are all bound by the class "form-control".

What I want to do is:

  • Have the first input (textarea) to automatically be in focus rather than require a visitor to select one of the inputs.

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