Using multiple .html pages in grid


I'm working on a project that will be used strickly offline. It will basically be a "control panel" on a touch screen used to deliver information to and send instruction from an operator to a couple of microcontrollers. I'm relaying this information just in case someone is curious. I don't believe what I am looking for has to do with the actual project.

CSS grid: putting a period in front of grid-container class breaks media query

Hello all,

This issue is driving me crazy and Google has not produced any results.

I have a basic local site (HTML & CSS have both been validated with no issues). I made a CSS grid for it. Works fine.

When I built the media query, the media query refused to work when screen was resized.

I looked at some other examples online and noticed some people don't put a period in front of their grid-container class in CSS OR in the media query, whereas most people do.

I removed the periods in front of the grid-container class and in the media query, and now it works.

Wrapper ... which to use ?


Have noticed that different sites specify the page Wrapper as either an ID or a CLASS.

Why the different preferences, and which is the best way to go for a Box-Grid layout ?


CSS Grid Layout not correct ...



This is a link to my original query in CSS Layouts ...

CSS Grid Layout is not correct ...

As always, any solutions/tips/links/etc would be welcome.



grid of posts around an image

I'm using WordPress with theme Pinbin to make a website.
It has a grid of posts, and I need to have this grid form properly around an image (to the right and below). I have the image and the grid, but it doesn't form nicely around the image as you can see:

How do i make it work with css? If you need more info please let me know.
Thank you! Cool

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