Problem Formatting Lists as Previously Undefined Text Had Been

I posted the summary here:

But to simplify I've got this HTML:

      <ul class="book-navigation-list">
              <li><a href="/node/4" class="page-previous" title="Go to previous page">3 - the last<span class="element-invisible">(Go to previous page)</span></a>
                    <li class="book-navigation-list"><a href="/node/1" class="page-up" title="Go to parent page">up<span class="element-invisible">(Go to parent page)</span></a>

and this CSS:

.book-navigation .menu {

IE7 + sticky footer + Navigation + long content = problems

Here’s one for any of you IE sleuths…
I’m working out the basic html for a new theme/site and attempting to use Sticky Footer ( ) . Except for IE7, I’ve got it working in all my test browsers (FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE8.. I’m not supporting IE6).

Here’s what happens in IE7:
First off, the IE7 problem only happens on long pages where the content extends below the viewport.

Objects showing as inline in ie 7

I am styling a Drupal Ubercart site and have noticed a problem when viewing the shopping cart block in ie 7. It looks OK in 8 and perfect in Firefox and Safari.
The "items", "total", "View cart" and "Checkout " display inline and I have specified them as block. I added a width restriction to the div too so they would reflow on the the next line but that doesn't work either.

I really hope someone can help!!

The dev site is here

Using CSS in Drupal to position a div into the 'body' variable

I'm trying to achieve an aritcle quote effect in Drupal (see the image).

Relevant Tags

One of the most powerful and underused feature of Drupal would have to be Taxonomy. Taxonomy allows the classification of content via vocabularies and terms. It can help us find related content. The questions often arise on the forum that have been answered before. In many cases the topic author has searched and either through bad search terms or a lack of understanding of the problem was unable to find solutions to similar issues.

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