Help Needed with making a Drupal Subtheme

The theme I am using has a slider -- a panel of automatically changing images to display a topic that the user can choose -- but it only shows a few slides. I want to extend it to a dozen slides. I did simple text searches to determine which files in the theme are used code files to provide the functionality to the slider. That was the easy part. I was able to extend the code from the few slides to 12 slides.

graphic button in drupal

I want to make a button on location on a php file that currently is just a hyperlink.
Currently, the code segment appear in a browser with the text "Donate now", but I want it to be a paypal button instead.

All this is part of a paypal module I have set up in Drupal. I have already figured out the proper way to use a .css file with this module to modify another aspect of it. And now I want to change the textual hyperlink to a paypal button.

The line of code in question looks like this in the paypal_donations_single.tpl.php file:

Editing Title Size in Drupal Theme

Hello all,

I am working on a website,, and I am in need of help. I want the menu titles to occupy the entire banner space at the top and I figured the best way to do that would be just to make the titles bigger so that entire space would be occupied.

I tried creating a subtheme but that wouldn't work so I am just going to edit the CSS file of theme, but don't worry because I already completely backed up my website and that theme.

Here is the main CSS file for the theme

/* Developed by <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> */
html, body, div, span, object, iframe,

How to set tiled background image as fixed for mobile browsers

We have a Drupal site that uses a fixed gradient background. The gradient goes from dark at the top to lighter at the bottom. On long scrolling pages of tables with white text, we want the darker portion of the background under the text for readability.

The experience for the user is that when they scroll down, the x-repeated background image remains fixed at the top of their browser window (the viewport) so that the white text is readable on their device.

Drupal CMS Float Layout in IE7


I'm a new member and I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting here. Mods please go easy on me. I've looked through the "how to" section and wasn't able to find something that could resolve my problem.

I've setup a site at . It renders fine across Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even IE8. Unfortunately, it goes horribly wrong in IE7.

I believe the problem could be due to multiple floats being used on divs. I've tried different solutions but to no avail.

Would anybody have any solutions? Thanks in advance.

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