CSS "display:none" not working on mobile/tablet view

I am trying to hide the title which WordPress automatically puts on top of this website page: https://geoplaza.vu.nl/cms_test/serviceoverzicht/

It works in desktop view with the following CSS:

.post-2048 .title-post {

However, it is not working on tablet and mobile view. Somehow, the title reappears if the screen width is less than 1008px.
I want to get rid of the upper title. I think something is blocking the CSS from working, but I don't know what.

Container display issue creating duplicate div ids and classes

I am trying to use display:none to remove the duplicate containers for "Beds" and "Bath" on my site http://www.daytonaluxuryrealestate.com . I think their might be some script in the back end that is over writing the css styling I am using to remove the duplicate container. Any help is appreciated. Smile

show some / hide some

i want to show this using css

<div class="control-group custom "><label for="ticket[selections]" title="selections">Selections:</label><div class="controls"><select id="ticket_selections" name="ticket[selections]"><option value=""></option>
<option value="office">office</option>
<option value="pool">pool</option>
<option value="party">party</option>
<option value="Meeting">Meeting</option>
<option value="Miscellaneous">Miscellaneous</option>
<option value="Projects">Projects</option></select></div></div>
and hide the other control-group custom's that don't match this....

Hidden columns & colspan

Hey all,

I have a problem with hiding some columns. I am modifying an existing interface to make it highly themed by CSS (currently a lot of style is hard coded). Because of this I have to reproduce the existing style in the new engine.

My problem is that the existing styled tables have a top/bottom row and left/right columns of images (making a border of images around the tables). If I'm looking to apply more basic themes I set display: none to these cells/rows, but then that messes up some tables that have a colspan in some rows.

Has anyone seen/resolved this issue before?

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