Container display issue creating duplicate div ids and classes

I am trying to use display:none to remove the duplicate containers for "Beds" and "Bath" on my site . I think their might be some script in the back end that is over writing the css styling I am using to remove the duplicate container. Any help is appreciated. Smile

simple login form positioning problems.

Hi everyone, thanks for helping.

My goal here is to get my login form to correctly position on at least three browsers :
1. Safari for Mac.
2. Firefox.
3. Internet Explorer for Windows.
and Chrome.

I would prefer if it would work correctly for all browsers but that may not be possible ?

Here's the two specific problems I'm having :

Centering the entire form.

1. I'd like the entire form to be centered and auto recenter when the browser is resized.

8 Resizeable Background images in 1 page layout required

Hello from Melbourne Australia
Will pay $ if someone can help or do this for me.
I have a horizontal 1 page site with 8 sections all requiring a full background image that needs to re-size proportionally with the browser.

Please look at: []

This is an unfinished design that will become a template for other pages.
have tried CSS trick website supersized etc.

Grateful to anyone who can help.
Belinda X

Amateur Problem centering my divs

I've been having a problem lately setting up my template for this site using div's. I can center my wrapper div, but the inner content wont seem to center, even trying to use margin left/right: auto and all the other tips online, but somethings just not working... I would like to just take everything within the wrapper and center it within.





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