Good Book that Teaches Layouts

I'm looking for an awesome book that teaches CSS Layouts. Positioning elements can be quite a challenge in CSS. I have gone through the site but that's just the very basics. I'm looking for a book that goes over layouts comprehensively.
I searched on Amazon but I really can't tell if the books are going to teach a whole lot of positing.

Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites

Once again I have been lucky enough to receive books from Apress. One of the books is
Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites by Antony Kennedy and Inayaii de Leon.

This book takes a look at the process involved in maintaining the CSS for high traffic websites, when working in a team environment. It focuses on a few key areas, performance, frameworks, devices, accessibility, testing and debugging as well as the tools and processes you can use to make working in a team environment more productive.

Getting Started with CSS

At the beginning of the year Friends of Ed sent me a book to review. I'm pretty sure the publishers have forgotten or given up hope of ever getting a review out of me, so it must be time I wiped this off my to do list.

The book is: Getting Started with CSS by David Powers. As the name suggests it is aimed at people getting started with CSS and with only basic HTML knowledge. It's hard to imagine having any knowledge in HTML without at least some CSS knowledge as they go hand in hand these days.

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