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Perth, Australia
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Perth, Australia
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Screen shot of ForecastFox.

I really doubt that it is 30 degrees outside at the time of this post. I'd be lucky if it was 30 degrees at my desk with the heater on me ..

For some reason, the weather forecast has always way overestimated for the "right now" time. It said 27 degrees once when it was closer to 14 degrees and it would never have been 27 in the first place given our highs are between 12 and 16. It's definately not in Fahrenheit.

Could it be a problem with ForecastFox updating wrong or the weather site it gets it from? Anyone else had a similar problem?

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sydney, australia
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sydney, australia
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30 degrees? Get outta here!

I gave up on ForecastFox... it just depressed me seeing the nice sunny Monday to Friday days while stuck in the office and to see those grey, rainy weekends moving left across my browser throughout the week Shock