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What's up everyone.

You may know me as that crazy dude who's websites inexplicably crash random browsers, but now I'm working on somethin' new.

My personal site sucks... www dot phark dot net. I dunno what I was thinking when I first designed it, but it desperately needed a redesign right from the beginning lol.

I recently had my first experience with Movabletype <http://www.movabletype.org/>... for those of you who don't know, its a "personal publishing system" which is just a fancy name for an easy system to write/organize/display your blog.

Anyway, I threw together some templates for the front page a few days ago, so hook me up with any feedback you may have. Yeah, I realize that in IE the box-model messes it all up, but I haven't fully tested everything yet. Also, the image at the top is too "short" if you're not using a CSS2 complient browser. Plus, I know that the links everywhere are an ugly default blue, I'm working to fix that.

Check it out > http://www.phark.net/blog/.



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*My new blog w/Movabletype

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the link Smile
The site looks good in Netscape 7, I thought for a moment you had already fixed the blue links. Then I viewed the site in IE and could see what you meant.
I assume the links are blue because of ie's handling of color: inherit;
The box troubles with ie will take a little more thought to fix, and I am to brain dead to think at the moment.

In Netscape 4 and am happy to say the content is still readable even without the styles applied.
That's what CSS is all about.

The page nearly validates [url=http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.phark.net/blog/&charset=(detect%20automatically)&doctype=(detect%20automatically)&verbose=1]
w3g validator[/url] just a couple of minor issues to fix.