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For the first time, I actually bought a mouse for myself. This is the first time I've purchased a mouse that was for me, as opposed to using someone else's or using one of those little laptop things.

So, in recognition of this momentous event, I went for a good one:
Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer
Mine's in 'platinum' (i.e. silver plastic).

Radio-frequency Wireless, optical, and a scroll wheel that tilts for horizontal scrolling.

Say what you will about MS, but they make a fine mouse Laughing out loud Not cheap by any means, but well worth it if you spend your days at a desk.

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Horizontal Mouse Scroll Wheel

Wow times are changing, the microsoft site works in Netscape Cool .

Woops I got too excited the markup and CSS don't validate Crying
and it's held together by tables with script and style tags in the body.

Oh well they do make a good mouse.
</smartarse> Laughing out loud