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I've found CSS and am attempting to learn, while cleaning-up my pages and making them leaner and easier to edit (I update one site daily, literally)
I'd like someone to look at and "critique" a couple of areas - and don't feel bad, I can take the critisism. No formal training, learned as I went, starting back in '97 so have some "old school" thoughts still. Wink
First, http://www.thequiltjunction.com/fabrics3.asp looks perfectly as intended in IE 6.xx. The yellow shadowed box has the margins and padding I'd intended. Netscape, well, another forum they attempted to teach me a couple of tricks, but bottom line, in Netscape 7.1 if I try to make it so the picture and form button aren't against the edge of the yellow box, I lose the shadowing effect. Padding in my CSS was causing it, they pointed out. If it can't be fixed, oh, well as that box will exist for a few weeks only.
Same page, the description area where there is a blue box on the right - that's my first attempt at removing a table and replacing it with pure DIV and CSS. WOW, I spent hours! First, I found that the right column had to be first in the HTML in order to float it right. Actually, first I found that I had to float that right and not the other left as when I did, the blue covered the left column in Netscape! It worked fine from attempt 1 in IE. If nutscape would only go away, my life with CSS would be easier. All issues with my DIVS and CSS are always nutscape related. It almost always works perfectly in IE from try one.
That layout took 2 minutes with a table, took me over 2 hours with divs.
If anyone has ideas on how to clean-up the code, make it easier to maintain, replace any clunky tables or complex stuff with CSS, that would be great.
Also - how does it look in broswers other than IE6 and NS7.1, the only ones I have to test with now.
Please keep in mind this is a FrontPage web - meaning that these tricks look like crap in FrontPAge - in fact, the columns don't show as columns in FP, they show like paragraphs, with the right column laying above the left column. FP doesn't know how to apply CSS style sheets! (or does it?)

Thanks! and no, this isn't a blatant attempt to sell anything :roll: - if there's an issue, I'll refuse any orders from members of this forum just to keep things honest.

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need advice on CSS - how to "pad" a box in Netscap

Hi Shadows_Papa,
First thing I would suggest is getting a different editor, I remember a while back there was a post on different editors which might be helpful. Frontpage puts in many IE only bits that don't work in other browsers.

Next try using a doctype at the top of the document, it may initially throw ie out a little but in the long run you will find it easier to get all the browsers looking the same. In the Useful CSS links page there are some sites that give more info on what doctype to use.

To move the order button and image of the borders try using margin on those items.

Hope that helps