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Rick Sweeney
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I am wandering into designing without tables arena
for the first time. If you would, please check the following site

( Note: This is only a partial page as I did not want to go further until
the browser problems were solved.)

It looks fine in Internet Explorer 6.0 and Opera 7.01, but Netscape 7.0 and
Mozilla Firebird 06.1 is having
some problems with it. I have validated, checked CSS1 & CSS2 rules, but I
cannot find the positioning problem.
They will be obvoius.

Thank you
Rick Sweeney

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Site Check Please Netscape 7.0 & Mozilla Firebird Positi

Hi Rick,
The topnav.jpg image is slightly to narrow is you set the width to 365 everything just about lines up.

Hope that helps