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Hello members,

I have just completed my first try at a Drop-down menu from various resources, but it seems that it's not compatible with other browsers other then IE. I can't figure it out what I did wrong.

The drop down menu's are not underneath the text that it suppose to be, the text is spaced out. Oups

It doesn't work in Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Any help is appreciated.

the site is www.wellpointhealthservices.com

Thanks in advance.


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What did I do wrong?

Where did you go wrong ? well the first and wholy damming thing you did was to resize my browser, my browser, that I have at a certain size and at a certain position and I care not for anyone who attempts to mess with such things this is a outdated and classic example of how not to use JavaScript.

Design for a given resolution rather than trying to manipulate my browser, all you made me do was to disable JavaScript, stopping any other uses you were going to put it to.

Having said all that I couldn't see the menu working in IE6 either?


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