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** Edit: I think I got this licked so I took the example URL out, thanks! Although I didn't really "fix" the issue I worked around it by covering the bookends up when they weren't hovered **

Does anyone have advice on this navigation issue? I am trying to get 2 graphics to "bookend" some links on a:hover. IE is soooo close but no cigar yet. Of course it works in FFox:
(edited URLs)

The hover appears in IE but then it gets "stuck" after I move the mouse away the brackets stay when they should only appear during HOVER. I have tried many combinations of things without success. In fact you'll notice i the numeric nav that I switched some of the HTML around to try a different way or bookending.

If you can get this to work in IE by breaking it in FireFox that may even be helpful because I will probably be able use that. Thanks!