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Here's the main site:
Here's the store:

I am using a Zencart embedded template to wrap the main site design around Zencart.. This is working perfectly with a small remaining issue..

I am trying to synchronize the content placement of the sidebar items between Zen Cart and the rest of the site pages.. There is an ever so slight "shift" of the sidebar elements when you toggle bewteen the site pages and the store.. I've done a lot of tweaking and I'm fairly close, but I am at a COMPLETE loss how to put this to bed once and for all.

I am hoping one of the CSS gurus here will see what I am clearly missing and guide me back to the light..

I convinced the client to go a different route.. (better option) Looks like we're gonna scrap both the Dreamweaver template that drives the rest of the site pages and scrap the store embed page as well. (a single HTML page which applies the site look and feel to the Zen Cart store)

Here's the improved TABLELESS version
All elements will be replaced with a single tableless template which will be applied to all site elements. We will likely convert all the non-commerce pages so that they are Zen Cart pages as well (using Zen Carts features for creating non-commerce pages -- most likely these will be custom defined pages --versus EX Pages-- so that the page names reflect the page content) This will eliminate the battle of the style sheets which is a huge part of the current issue -- hence the reason for my post..

Here's the improved TABLELESS version
Here's the current site:

Here's the improved TABLELESS version: