So Chrome 3 is in Beta, wonderful, and how RAD of them!

They are reported to be making a concerted effort to support HTML5; is this a good thing?

Am I suddenly to start making use of HTML5 seeing as how one browser out of many will support my efforts?

From what I can tell skitting around the online development world we are still not really sure about HTML5; is it perhaps not better that the spec is ratified amongst all concerned then browsers could start to implement it in stages perhaps, but as a group, unified in agreement of it's implementation.

All our lives would be made so much easier if the whole approach to Standards and implementation found another route to market; what we have at present, historically, has not served us well and in many ways contributed to the mess that Standards is really in; and I accuse browsers of acting in a self interested manner and they should be brought to heel Smile

Nature of the beast

Unfortunately as things go you either get forced proprietary standards or open source randomness. I agree though, it would be nice if some w3c hive mind in the sky made decisions on web standards, that were then adopted by browsers. This would probably make things quicker too, since your browser would be considered out of date if it didn't support the latest ancient runes.