Education and computing changed my life, so what better way to help someone then by providing the means for them to help them self.
I am going to donate to the One Laptop program an thought I would offer this opportunity for others to donate.

Here's a video about the program

The software on the one laptop program is Open source, so in less then 10 years we will have wave of great open source developers. That means Linux will be even better, and we will have a lot more open source software to use. So even if you don't want to donate to help someone else, donating to One Laptop is like investing in the future of the web.

Coming up with a laptop yourself is great if you can afford it otherwise why not chip in with others here an see how many we can donate together. The donate button at the side will send a donation to me which will be used to buy laptops for the one laptop program.

Feel free to post a comment here to let us know you donated something, every little bit helps.

OK I've started the ball

OK I've started the ball rolling... erm well not strictly Smile It's somewhat a token gesture as times arn't great.

This is a good idea , I remember us discussing something along these lines a while back, but we never quite got things rolling.

If I might suggest anyone seeking and getting advice that helps them out of a jam and feels gratefull enough that they might consider donating a couple of bucks to this cause? It will all help and mount up.

Thanks Hugo, Money

Thanks Hugo,
Money received.
Great suggestion for people who have been helped out of a jam to donate a little.
Sometimes the right advice can save hours of work.

Sister and brother-in-law's "donation"

In my family, we draw names for xmas giving. In the past, an email list has allowed us to tell everyone what we'd like to get, or clothing sizes, etc., without knowing who was buying. This year, the wish list didn't materialize. Apparently, I wasn't paying attention on turkey day when we drew names, because I didn't hear we were on our own in deciding what to buy.

My mother, who turns 84 today, and doesn't get about much (I'm her primary care giver), drew my sister's name, and I drew her husband's. I should tell you I don't do shopping.

I hope they will be happy to know that they are the name donors of $100. each to OLPC.

Got a hard to shop for friend or relative on your list? Make a donation in his/her name.



Thanks Gary, That's

Thanks Gary,
That's fantastic.

Come on everyone click the button and donate a couple of dollars to a good cause.
After all, Christmas is all about giving.

Thanks Guy's

We have donated 2 Laptops.

We help a lot of people with CSS problems and I was hoping some of them would spare a dollar or two. So far only the helpers provided donations.

I'd like to keep this going but I don't know if it is worth the effort. Let me know if you can think of other ways to encourage members to donate, or if you think we should quit while we are ahead.

Gary I have filled out a form which should mean you will receive a thank you card from One Laptop Per Child, something like the attached pdf.

On a side note, I have just downloaded an image of the software and will set it up on virtual box for my children to have a play with.

OLPC_GiftCard.pdf 4.48 MB

Truly wish I could...

Hi Tony


We help a lot of people with CSS problems and I was hoping some of them would spare a dollar or two. So far only the helpers provided donations.

I am well aware that I have, more than just about anyone I think, benefited from the help and support of the fabulous folk at CSS Creator - in particular Sir Hugo as we know Smile

While I would love to contribute (and will), I just can't do it at this time. Not even $5. Haven't had an assignment for nearly 2 months and having "discussions" with the bank which has cut off access to all my accounts and cards.

Be assured that if you continue the scheme, I will participate when I am able. The heart and mind is willing but the body is currently unable to follow through Smile If you don't continue it, I will nonetheless make a donation that's a promise.

OTOH, congrats on the 2 laptops - pretty terrific!

For those wondering about the iMac - it's Karuna's machine which I have possession of for the next 12 months.

Hi Tonny , i also support

Hi Tonny , i also support one laptop per child project on my blog: laptop notebook . We are looking for more open source softwares.
Thank you very much :thumbsup: Good stuff

it's great that you support

:? it's great that you support the scheme, have you considered perhaps a more prominent link? you have loads of space why is the link hidden in tiny text on the footer? doesn't it deserve better than that? you could fit that olpc graphic to the left in on the sidebar quite nicely Smile

Thanks to those people who

Thanks to those people who help us support One laptop with their donations.
Feel free to add a comment below if you make a donation otherwise I'll assume that you want to stay anonymous.

Great Innitiative

I totally agree and i must say that Laptop per child is a great initiative, and i still remember my early days when i was in my school, i always used to get demotivated, because i didn't have laptop and all my friends had. Even i will be publishing some articles about this concept and on my Cheap Laptops blog.