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Hello Everyone,

I am having two problems and so close to finishing the job. The job is for a Childrens charity, the site is supposed to be fun and bright. I am not receive money for the job, so any help would be fantastic. I have done a bit of html before and have taught myself css, html, bit of php and html forms over the last 2 weeks. My brain is on overload.

The problems
- For IE6 users, the footer rises up the page, it seems that ie6 can't handle the divs propperly. This is my biggest problem. All pages are effected
Link for problem: http://www.theportseacamp.com.au/NewWeb

- Very minor issue; I have a few popup links which I have created using Java, I have chosen java because I want to control the window size. The issue is that when the mouse hovers over the text link; the cursor change to a text cursor instead of a link cursor. For an image link using same method its fine. Any suggestions? This example refers to the 'Dates' link.
Link for problem: http://www.theportseacamp.com.au/NewWeb/schoolholidaycamps.html

The site is created using dreamweaver and I have used the template method for building the site pages; I know its not the best method, but when your by yourself and thats all you know. Lease it works.

Things not yet finished; buttons and image banners for all pages. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism.

Site Files:

Thanks So Much Everyone, please help


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Hi liam, Could you refrain

Hi liam,

Could you refrain from posting the same question to different sub forums; 'Site Discussions' is for matters to do with the actual forum. Posting twice or more will not get a faster response and is frowned upon Smile

I'm locking this thread, please continue in your other posting.


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