Talk about happy New year.
I've just checked an old unused email account and discovered I have won,

  • The UK national lottery(many times)

  • The Turkish national Lottery

  • Loteria Nacional (Spanish Lottery)

  • Microsoft Award promo

  • Aussie International Sweepstakes

  • Euro Millions online Sweepstakes

  • British Online Lottery Sweepstakes

  • United Kingdom Microsoft Company

  • Oxford International Lottery

  • Netherland National Lottery

  • World Cup 2010 Free Lottery

  • Powerballs Lottery

  • Shell Lottery International online

  • The Euromillion Lottery

As someone who never purchases lottery tickets, I feel extremely fortunate to have won all these prises. I would be able to buy a small country somewhere and live happily ever after.
What a year 2007 was Smile
I hope everyone else was as lucky as me.

LOL! Oh Tony...that gave me the best laugh

LOL! Oh Tony...that gave me the best laugh I've had in the last few days...thank you. What a fantabulous Christmas present! Laughing out loud

With the great good fortune that has come your way, I do hope you plan on taking your csscreator 'family' with you to that small country so we can all raise many glasses of cheer.


Your just one lucky son of a

Your just one lucky son of a gun Tony.

Now that you have won and own United Kingdom Microsoft Company could you see what you do about IE, maybe have a chat with United States Microsoft Company

Actually I think I won the

Actually I think I won the United States Microsoft Company as well, unfortunately I deleted the email before I could follow up the details.
Oh well, easy come easy go.

An suggestions for countries to be purchased and overhauled let me know.
I could go in like one of those managers that sack all the workers and get credited for keeping cost down. Then when there is real work to be done, they move to a new company. In my case it could be new country Smile

It's a bit like coming into a half finished web project and trying to tidy up other peoples code, so I have enough experience.

It might be best to start with a small country, possibly an island nation that has no need of military and wont over through the dictatorship. Now seems an appropriate time to mention have no desire to be a dictator, or any similar sounding combination of words. I just want to own a country or two and help out the people by telling them what to do.

Quote:I just want to own a

I just want to own a country or two and help out the people by telling them what to do.

And I'm sure that's exactly how Stalin felt; in a purely altruistic manner naturally Smile

lottery wins...

How about sharing my friend?! You know that you get a LOOOOT of friends when you win anything. }:)