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I have the .ccs file linked to the html file but I can't seem to get this to work

Html file has this:

CSS file has this:

#navcontainer a:hover home, #navlist a:hover home
cursor: url("http://downloads.totallyfreecursors.com/cursor_files/red1.ani"), url("http://downloads.totallyfreecursors.com/thumbnails/Red1.gif"), auto;

lol that was the last combination of wording I did for the css... :?

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You realy are supposed to

You realy are supposed to attempt a description of the problem.

The way things are you are trying to target an element named 'home', there is no such tag/element, what perhaps you meant was to target the fragment ID, that is a named element that begins with a hash sign '#' #home
But write it like this:
#navcontainer a#home:hover, #navlist a#home:hover {}

However I'm not sure why you need the second group selector the first will set the properties on the anchor identified as #home.

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