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Not that anyone was likely to have noticed, but I've not been around for a while. It's not that I didn't want to be here, it's just that my phone company, Verizon, turned off my dsl.

About two months ago, a $1200+ charge showed up on the phone bill as past due. Since we weren't in arrears, and since the charge was from Verizon Wireless, with whom we don't do business, I called to ask wtf was going on. TPC* informed me that they couldn't do anything about the charge, as it was levied by a legitimate third party(?**).

A call to V-Wireless elicited the information that we had bought three cell phones and two wireless internet interfaces along with the services. Of course, I had done no such thing.

An affidavit to that effect was notarized and sent them registered mail.

Time for another bill from TPC. Again, only the owed amount was remitted and a note was added that the wireless charges were disputed. A couple of weeks went by, then on a Monday morning (I had been on the 'net late the night before), My dsl carrier dropped. I had no more internet.

Four Verizon people and more than two hours later, I had learned two things. One, my dsl had been discontinued because I "owed" an unrelated third party. Two, I was well and truly screwed until I either paid or V-wireless dropped the charges.

This previous Monday, I had dsl again. On Tuesday, I received a letter from V-wireless that the dispute was resolved in our favor, and that I did not owe the $2600+ (!). Yesterday's mail brought the latest phone bill. There is a $1300+ wireless charge on it.

I'm so happy, I could just sh*t,


* The Phone Company, an evil organization bent on controlling the world—from an old James Coburn movie, or some other silly spy vs. spy flick.

** Apparently Verizon and Verizon Wireless do not acknowledge their obviously incestuous relationship.

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Hm had noticed your absence

Hm had noticed your absence - with worry Smile funny thing this is the same sort of problem I had recently when one morning I awoke , logged on to find zilch , and Adsl supplier unsure why except that it would probably sort itself out :? then "oh you have a cease placed on your line' but thats probably cos were unbundling the exchange and you will be switched to the new service shortly, they probably forgot to do it" :? day and half later nothing, ring back point out that nothing had changed advised to ring BT, of course they knew nothing and no sign of a cease notice, back to ADSL supplier, suggested they might check a few areas such as no work being carried out at exchange, then of course I'm told that in actual fact I had no service BT had just cancelled the service altogether, it happens apparently for no reason *shrug* me - " why didn't you establish this two days ago? " no answer to that naturally, me- "can I have my service back please I'm increadibly busy and have to have internet access" them - "yes you can place a new order , but as things stand you are starting afresh as your line has been totally disabled for broadband access, but a new line will only take seven days Smile I think at that point I might have said something rude.

Nine days or so on 56k dialup was not fun nor cheap!, however your situation sounds like a whole nuther level of aggravation :rolleyes: you have my sympathies, nice to see you back though

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Your two stories make mine

Your two stories make mine about being offline for a day cos my ISP had network problems across the whole south-east of my state pale into insignificance.

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Good to see you back Gary.

Good to see you back Gary.

I can sympathize with all of you...I was without internet for nearly 2 months last Christmas Sad TPC wanted to put the cables underground - nothing wrong with my end mind you, they simply disconnected me then decided they couldn't schedule a crew till the end of January!! The crew that finally did the work also told me there was no reason for me to be disconnected in the meantime.

Hopefully TPC will be able to sort it for you once and for all this week.

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